March 2024

Happy International Women’s Day 2024!

Building an inclusive artistic and professional environment

We dedicated last year’s Women’s Day to exploring the female characters in animated films. It turned out that the most valuable insights came from our male colleagues. This underscores the essence of our workplace, where everyone serves as both mentor and student to one another. Together, we work towards common goals, inspiring and teaching each other, ultimately bringing out the best in all of us.

As animation professionals, we thoroughly craft both male and female characters, infusing our stories with values such as respect, tolerance, empathy, and inclusivity, addressing both parents and children.

Puffins Impossible, stills from the season 1
Puffins Impossible, stills from the season 1

As part of the local and the international animation and film industry, we strive to provide equal opportunities to talented professionals, to recruit and retain the female talent, to invest in their education and advancement, and to promote their artistic and business successes adequately.

In the spirit of the international Women’s Day 2024, we wish every woman, irrespective of her profession, race, age, ability, faith, body image, and how they identify, to experience inclusion, belonging and empowerment.

Let’s ensure that the needs, interests and aspirations of women and girls are valued and included. Let's continue to #InspireInclusion!

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