Inside ILBE Studios

Step inside the world of ILBE Studios (ILBES), where culture, atmosphere, and values converge to create an exceptional environment. Our team is more than a group of professionals – they're a collective force that ignites teamwork, creativity and progress.

Discover the heart and soul of our studio and join us on our adventure - where every day is an opportunity to learn, create, and thrive and express your inner child in the magical world of animation.

  • Our Culture

    As Peter Nalli, Head of Animation & VFX at ILBE, said, there is something different and special about our studio that has always motivated him to work with us. He spoke about our willingness to help the person sitting next to us and a strong desire to achieve results as a team, not only as individuals. Our studio is not governed by rules, but by love and passion.

Our Benefits

  • Daily Meal
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    From Monday to Friday, we gather in our cafeteria during lunchtime to take a break and enjoy a delicious meal which each employee can choose from a variety of dishes. We hang out and recharge our batteries giving us an extra boost of energy for the rest of the working day.

  • Flexible Working Hours​
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    We’re flexible about our working hours, and as long as everything is communicated with our team supervisors and heads of departments, people are able to plan their 8 hours of work, day by day.​

  • Private Health Insurance​
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    Health comes first. We don’t need to tell anyone how important health insurance is. Every employee at our studio gets a great package which also includes the annual medical check-up, and comes with a family discount.​

  • Our Unique Design &

    Inspiring Workspace

    Experience the combination of a phenomenal tailor-made design and state-of-the-art innovation traversing more than 1,500 square meters - the quintessence of ILBE Studios. Operating from two locations, Belgrade and Novi Sad, we work as one to develop our animated content. When artists and talents create in a modern and inspiring workplace filled with stunning imagery, creativity flourishes and fantastic results follow.  

  • Internal Education @ ILBES

    We constantly want to learn from each other and improve our work. Our Internal Education program nurtures growth, enabling employees to exchange ideas and insights, and advance as a unified team.

    We support and invite those enthusiastic to embrace the role of a #LearnwithILBES lecturer, cultivating a culture of knowledge exchange and collective progress.

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  • Discover your superpower

    Internal Training Center

    Our Internal Training Center (ITC) is an in-house professional training program. It is a hub for both current and aspiring professionals, offering advanced training in animation, film, and VFX. Led by experienced directors, supervisors, and leads, it equips participants with essential skills for success.

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A New Opportunity

For Serbian Artists

Our creative teams in Belgrade and Novi Sad consist of talented scriptwriters, storyboard artists, designers, illustrators, animators, and modelers. They're dedicated to crafting exceptional animated content, and our aim is to continue expanding. This is why we're always on the lookout for fresh talents who can contribute to creating top-quality animated content for a global audience, collaborating with our highly experienced team.

We’re waiting for you!

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