• Who is ILBE Studios and what you do?
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    ILBE Studios is a creative animation studio founded in 2020 in Serbia with offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The focus is on creating high-quality short, animated content for global audiences and streaming platforms worldwide as part of the international production company ILBE Group. Our biggest project is Puffins Impossible starring Johnny Depp. We are also working on animation and VFX for a selection of live-action movies coming from ILBE Group such as Lamborghini, prince of the Seas etc. Please check out our Works page for more information.  

    Also, ILBE Studios is your creative partner, ready to bring your visions to life. Our skilled team offers comprehensive animation services tailored to your needs - from character development and captivating backgrounds, to storyboards, animatics and style guides. With a focus on both pre-production and production, we're your go-to destination for crafting exceptional animation.  

    Shortly, we combine talent, imagination and passion to create story-driven content that entertains the young and young at heart. We strive to entertain kids and adults around the globe by providing them with great and unique stories. Involving local experts and artists we are focused on putting Serbia on the world map of animation.  

  • Who is ILBE and who is ILBE Studios?
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    ILBE or "Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment" is a global global production company from Italy established by Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika Bacardi in 2011 in Rome, specialized in cinema and television content production, and most importantly, our parent company.  

    We are ILBE Studios, a subsidiary of ILBE, and with it, we are part of ILBE Group, which a few other production companies belong to as well. You can read more about it here 

    ILBE Studios is a part of ILBE Group, more precisely a subsidiary of Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment S.p.A. (ILBE), a global production company established by Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika Bacardi in 2011 in Rome, specialized in cinema and television content production. 

  • What’s your relation with Archangel Digital Studios and Milos Bikovic?
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    Archangel Digital Studios is a media company focused on developing, creating, and producing high-quality films, series, animated, and digital content for wide audiences around the world. The production of the “Puffins Impossible” series, created in ILBE Studios  was done by Archangel Digital Studios, founded by our celebrated actor Miloš Biković friend and strategic partner of Andrea Iervolino. ADS hires directors, composers, and sound designers for this series. 

    Founded in Belgrade, Serbia, with strategic partnerships in Europe, Archangel Digital Studios maintains strong connections to international markets with content sold to markets in Europe, Asia, and North America.  

  • Are you a Serbian company?
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    Yes, ILBE Studios is a company based in Serbia. 

  • Where is your studio located?
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    We have two locations: one in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad. You can find our exact location on the “Contact Us page. 

  • What are your projects?
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    Our main project is Puffins Impossible which is the first animated series produced In Serbia with Johnny Depp in the lead role.  

    In 2022. we released the “Puffins Impossible” series on the biggest streaming platforms in more then 120 countries, which include Google Play, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, as well as Chilli TV and Tatatu. We completed 90 episodes of the “Puffins Impossible” series in 3 years, and we expect 5 seasons per year in the future period.  

    In “Puffins Impossible,” the lives of puffins Johnny Puff, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac are disrupted when a meteor lands, which leads them to gain superpowers. Led by Johnny Puff, they morph into Tactik, Didi Damage, Megapie and Mystic — a unified superhero team. 

    Remember to stay connected with superhero Puffins on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, and stay updated on their exciting new adventures! 

  • Where can I watch Puffins Impossible?
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    You can find a list of platforms and their availability by country on the Puffins Impossible page. 

  • Will Serbian audiences be able to watch your animated movies and series?
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    Our current focus is on the international audience, and we are working towards making the work of our artists available to the local audience in the future. Follow us on our website and social media channels for the latest updates, as we'll be sharing news there first. Stay tuned for more information! 


  • I have an idea for an animated video/movie/series. Can I submit my idea?
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    ILBE Studios takes great care in respecting personal ideas, authorship, and IP. We are always open to collaborating with and hearing the ideas of authors who possess a creative vision. Therefore, it is best to contact us and book a meeting to discuss proposals.Please feel free to reach out to our team at sales@ilbestudios.com. We eagerly await your message and will respond promptly to assist you. 

  • I am interested in working on a project with you. Are there any collaboration opportunities at ILBE Studios?
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    Yes, definitely. We love networking and collaborating with like-minded people, both individuals, and companies alike. If you have a collaboration opportunity in mind,don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@ilbestudios.com 

  • Where can people watch your animated movies and series?
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    We have worked on different animated projects and even live-action movies which have all been released, but our main project, Puffins Impossible, can be seen by people all around the world via Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Chili, and TaTaTu. 

  • Do you work on international projects and worldwide distribution?
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    As part of ILBE Group, a global production company based in Italy, we pride ourselves in having access to the international market and working on the VFX and animation for their projects. These are acclaimed projectsenjoyed by millions of people across the globe, whose distribution rights belong to ILBE Group.

  • What are the different styles of animations which you can create?
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    Our studio specializes in 2D and 3D computer animation but we’rekin to take on any different project. Our team is experienced and versed in many styles of art and animation. 

  • Do you offer a specific range of animation videos to clients?
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    We utilize different techniques and tools for animation production, from traditional hand 2D animation, 3D character animation, VFX to real-time rendering techniques. If you can name it – we’ll make it. We create animated films, series, educational, commercial, gaming and music videos alike. But we’d love to get our hands on any other project.  


  • What type of people are you looking for to join ILBE Studios (ILBES)?
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    Working in a creative animation studio like ILBES requires hiring specific profiles. It is often challenging to find people with adequate education or experience in this field, and then skills, motivation and the desire to improve play a crucial role.  

    ILBE Studios hires artistic profiles as well as professionals in other fields which also play an important role in running the studio - e.g. HR, IT, Marketing and Communications, Finance and Administration. 

  • Why is it good for me to begin or continue my career at ILBE Studios?
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    ILBE Studios is a one-of-a-kind creative animation studio that specializes in producing animated content from script to screen for a global audience. Some of the key advantages include the opportunity to create for an international audience and follow established animation studio strategies and workflows.  

    The studio utilizes advanced tools and technology while working with exceptional content for various applications. Additionally, being part of an international film and TV production house provides a unique context, fostering collaboration within a team of local creatives and professionals. This environment offers abundant learning opportunities within a creative setting. 

  • What particular benefits are offered to employees?
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    Our employees are provided with benefits like daily meal, flexible working hours, and private health insurance. ILBES employees can choose a daily meal from a variety of dishes. See more at Inside ILBE Studios page.  

    The company is flexible about working hours, and as long as everything is communicated with their line managers, employees are able to plan their 8 hours of work, day by day.  

    Understanding that health comes first, we provide our employees with private health insurance, which also includes an annual medical check-up and a discount for family members. 

  • What are the leading values at ILBE Studios?
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    The culture of our studio is primarily determined by values like creativity, humanity, loyalty, compassion, passion, professionalism, tolerance and tmostimportantfriendship.We also appreciate talent and imagination. 

    Our projects are born in imagination, shaped into stories, and crafted by passionate Serbian artists who give life to unforgettable characters with the aim of entertaining the young and those young at heart – putting Serbia on the map of the global animation industry. And just as important, the key values we work hard to address through our work are education, equality, growth and well-being. 

  • What does the recruitment process at your studio look like?
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    Job adverts are published on the ILBES website, ILBES social networks as well as on specialized portals for employment in the field of IT, VFX. 

    The selection process begins with the applications review, where only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the first round. The first round can be an interview or a test depending on the position. 

    Interviews are conducted live or online. The first interview serves to check the candidate’s general knowledge and skills, experience, motivation, and expectations, while the second/technical interview is more focused on professional knowledge and skills required for a specific job.  

    HR interview and the technical interview for individual positions can be held together. For certain positions, there are tests of the specific skills, which can be conducted before or after the first interview.   

    We strive to make the selection process a pleasant experience for each candidate no matter the outcome. The entire recruitment process takes approximately two months.  


  • What is submitted in a job application and in what language should I apply?
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    Please provide your CV in English, and if you wish, you can also include a motivational letter. While the motivational letter is not obligatory, it's an option for you to share more about yourself if you choose to do so.For certain positions it is necessary to submit a portfolio or reel as part of the application process 

  • What are the next steps after submitting my application?
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    Upon submitting your application for the available position, you will receive a confirmation acknowledging that it has been received by our HR team. Subsequently, your application will be thoroughly reviewed by the hiring team.You can expect further communication within 2 weeks up to 1 month, regarding the status of your application. Only candidates who pass the pre-selection process will be invited for an interview.We appreciate your patience during this process. 

    All candidates who applied for the position will receive an answer after the selection process is completed.Each application is considered in detail, so we appreciate our candidates’ patience, andwe will respond to everyone. 

  • Can I apply when a position I am looking for is not advertised?
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    If a position you are looking for is not open, you can go to the Careers section on our websiteand submit your general application. Your application will be saved in the candidate database (with your prior consent)and can be consideredwhen the capacities are expanded, or a new position is openedif your competencies match the requirementsofthe position.

  • If my application doesn’t meet the requirements of the current job opening, will it be considered for future open positions?
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    Absolutely. The application will be kept in our candidate database and consider in the future job openings. Of course, if you decide to apply for the positions in the future with your more accurate resume, you are welcome to do so. 

  • If I am not able to work from Serbia, can I still apply at ILBE Studios?
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    At the moment, the primary focus of our company is to employ local artists who reside in Serbia. They can be provided with the opportunity to work in either Belgrade or Novi Sad, depending on the position requirements. It might occur that the position is required in only one of the studio locations, in particular. 

    However, our studio is developing and adjusting further, and we look forward to  getting to know more great and talented people. So we encourage everyone interested in working here to reach out to us, and we will provide you with an answer at our earliest convenience.  

  • Can I apply for an internship at ILBE Studios?
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    We introduce internships based on our business needs in all our departments, and if an internship opportunity that matches your profile comes up, you may expect to hear from us.  

    You are welcome to send your application at careers@ilbestudios.com at any time, and we will contact you when the opportunity shows up. We are keen on meeting young and enthusiastic people.  

    We also invite you to keep up with the opportunities published on our website and social media. Don’t forget to follow us!  


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