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    Embarking on a journey to touch hearts worldwide, we tell captivating and distinctive stories for both young and adult audiences. Our mission: to propel Serbia onto the global animation stage, while enlightening and entertaining. Education, equality, growth, and environmental protection stand at the core of our values. These principles drive our daily efforts in both our projects and our community. Join us on this quest.

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    ILBE Group

    Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment S.p.A. (ILBE) stands as a global production powerhouse, established in Rome by Andrea Iervolino & Lady Monika Bacardi. The group specializes in creating diverse content for film, television, web series, and beyond. Known for their approach of producing international cinema inspired by Hollywood Majors, ILBE's track record is decorated with international partnerships and triumphs. In an industry marked by rapid evolution, they continue to lead with innovation.

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