March 2024

Nikola Milovanović and Dimitrije Đorđević Complete the Unreal Fellowship: World Building

3D Generalists at ILBES have successfully completed the three-week-long Unreal Fellowship: World Building, empowered by Epic Games and 3Lateral.

The Unreal Fellowship: World Building was held at the end of last year at the Epic Games Novi Sad educational premises. Organized by 3Lateral and coordinated by Materriya, it provided participants with the opportunity to accelerate their skills in creating realistic digital environments.

The professionals from Ebb Software, a studio specialized in video game development, led the program, with instructors Nikola Milićević and Stefan Petrović, assistant instructor Srećko Nedeljković, and guest instructors at the specialized sessions Lazar Mesaroš and Luka Budiša. Bojan Banjanin from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, provided significant contributions and daily assistance to fellows.  Additionally, Nemanja Pavlović, a fellow alumni who completed the Storytelling program, delivered a lecture about camera possibilities, in film as well as in Unreal Engine.  

Nikola Milovanović and Dimitrije Đorđević, 3D generalists at ILBE Studios, successfully completed the program, showcasing their acquired skills in their memorable final video submissions.



This fellowship offers an opportunity to acquire a set of skills aimed at creating digital worlds and outstanding shots in real time with exceptional quality. The course mainly utilizes the Unreal Engine and the Quixel Megascans technologies, which are used in the video games and can be implemented in other media as well. World building involves conceptualizing, visualizing, and constructing new environments, ambients, scenography, and complete scenes in imaginery worlds. The program included the modules such as scene set up, texturing, design of digital landscapes, visual effects, lighting, and camera movement.

We asked Nikola and Dimitrije about their overal experience in the fellowship and their projects. 


Q&A with Nikola Milovanović and Dimitrije Đorđević


Why was it important for you to participate in the program?

Nikola: Having incorporated the Unreal Engine into my workflow for several years, I found it only logical to apply for opportunities that would enhance my skills, especially considering the continuous improvements the engine has undergone over time.

Nikola Milovanović at the Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding; photo: Epic Games Novi Sad archive
Nikola Milovanović at the Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding; photo: Epic Games Novi Sad archive

Dimitrije: The latest real-time rendering features were of paramount significance for me, as they have revolutionized both the film and gaming industries, opening a myriad of new creative possibilities.


How would you describe the experience of working with mentors and collaborating with participants from diverse professions? 

Nikola: I would describe it as highly fulfilling. The mentors have demonstrated a high level of professionalism, constantly offering assistance when challenges arose during the program. With both their guidance and the help from the friendly participants, the experience was nothing short of enjoyable.

Dimitrije: Simple. Life-changing.


What aspects and elements does worldbuilding include?

Nikola: It encompasses various components, including blocking, modeling, texturing, lighting, extensive camera expertise, and animation. All of these were crucial in achieving the desired cinematic look in just three weeks.


Tell us something about your short film. How did you decide on the theme and style you want to reveal? Were there any pre-set requirements? Are you happy with the result?

Nikola: Certainly, there were predefined requirements provided by a generator for each assignment. While some specifications were predetermined, others allowed us the freedom to choose. I initially envisioned a Middle Eastern town for my project but had to adapt it based on the given elements. This challenge turned into a gratifying experience. For me personally, the most rewarding aspect is consistently transforming a concept into a tangible creation and showcasing the creative process to a wider audience. Without sounding presumptuous, I must express my satisfaction with the outcome of my work (smiling).



Dimitrije: I produced a short film serving as a YouTube advertisement for a fictional wellness retreat situated in rural parts of Asia. Motivated by the pervasive irritation caused by typical YouTube ads and a personal desire for tranquility, I made the deliberate choice to blend something universally disliked with something universally needed, presenting it in a humorous manner. The overarching themes for the art style revolved around Asian culture, science fiction, and tropical jungle elements, all portrayed in a semi-realistic manner. The process of worldbuilding proved to be a highly enjoyable and engaging experience, requiring on-the-fly creative decision-making to explore various options. Ultimately, I am pleased with the outcome achieved within the given timeframe and appreciate the knowledge gained during the three-week course.



Is it more challenging to create environments in the interior or exterior?

Nikola: Even though I personally like creating both, interior environments require a bit more work, so to speak.


Speed, accuracy, and quality are some of the major benefits of using Unreal Engine and Quixel Megascans. What else would you single out as the advantage of using these technologies?

Nikola: In addition to the previously mentioned elements, Unreal provides an individual with the chance to produce cinematic content that traditionally required an entire crew and set. Moreover, this can be achieved at any time, in any weather condition, and with various camera movements, with no need for expensive equipment.

Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding; stills from the "Echoes" by Nikola Milovanović
Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding; stills from the "Echoes" by Nikola Milovanović

Dimitrije: I would certainly highlight the significance of Nanite, Lumen, and Niagara Particle systems. Furthermore, the extensive community of creative individuals contributing their work to the marketplace is noteworthy, providing artists like me with valuable resources and alleviating the challenges associated with building projects from the ground up.


Why is hands-on experience particularly important in this field of work?

Dimitrije: While knowledge is valuable, hands-on experience holds greater importance in content creation, given the multitude of creative and technical decisions that must be made on the spot.


Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding; stills from the "Tranquilium" by Dimitrije Đorđević
Unreal Fellowship: Worldbuilding; stills from the "Tranquilium" by Dimitrije Đorđević


How will this education help you in your future work?

 Nikola: As I mentioned, I've been utilizing the Unreal Engine for an extended period, and my intention is to continue using it for the foreseeable future. Its consistent track record has demonstrated a high level of reward. The engine has not only accelerated my workflow but has also significantly enhanced the quality of my work.

 Dimitrije: The skills acquired through this course will significantly advance my career, unlocking a vast array of creative possibilities and potential that have been latent within me.


Would you advise your fellow colleagues to practice new worldbuilding tools and attend similar programs?

 Nikola: Absolutely, it's not just beneficial for my peers but also for anyone eager to explore the boundless realm of creation in the virtual world and its vast possibilities.

Dimitrije: Definitely. I think that the greatest value of the course is the immediate assistance and the opportunity to seek advice from seasoned professionals in the field. I would also recommend to all aspiring audiovisual content creators to explore Unreal Engine, whether they enroll in the course or not.

Unreal Fellowship:Worldbuilding; Dimtrije Đorđević with fellows; photo: Epic Games Novi Sad archive
Unreal Fellowship:Worldbuilding; Dimtrije Đorđević with fellows; photo: Epic Games Novi Sad archive


Congratulations to Nikola and Dimitrije on the successful completion of the fellowship! We also extend our gratitude to all the organizers, instructors, and partners on another exceptional learning opportunity.

The next iteration is scheduled for June 2024, with applications now open.

For more information and updates about the program, please visit the open call on Artstation.

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