March 2022

Puffins Impossible Series - Coming Out This April

An animated series fully created and produced in Serbia arrives on global streaming platforms.

For the first time ever, an animated series produced in Serbia will arrive on global streaming platforms, in early April – the ‘Puffins Impossible’ series with Johnny Depp in the leading role, created in Iervolino Studios, the Serbian creative studio and subsidiary of Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, and produced by Archangel Digital Studios.

‘Puffins Impossible’ is an action-adventure sequel to the globally successful animated series ‘Puffins’. Numerous local artists, including well-known domestic screenwriters and directors, participated in the creation of this series in line with the world’s highest production and technological standards.

The first season of the series, which consists of 18 five-minute episodes, will be available to audiences in more than 90 countries via the following streaming platforms: Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Chilli TV and Tatatu. Thus, a global audience numbering millions will have the opportunity to see the work of creative talents and artists from Serbia.

The series follows the adventure of unique superheroes, a team of five arctic birds with superpowers, as the legendary actor Johnny Depp continues to lend his voice and character to the main character Johnny Puff in this sequel.

‘Puffins Impossible’ is a fun and educational animated series, which deals with important topics of today’s society. Through a variety of absurd situations and hilarious gags, children get to learn about topics such as gender and racial equality, the importance of togetherness, diversity, and environmental protection in a fun way.

“Puffins Impossible is a great story for all ages; it is witty and instructive. I hope that it will repeat the success of the ‘Puffins’ series, which confirms the global need for innovative high-quality short animated content, adapted to all devices and suitable for the whole family. I am happy to know that this animated series from Serbia will bring joy to children and those young at heart around the world, and that its quality has been recognized by global streaming giants. I am extremely proud of the team in Serbia, their dedication and talent,” said Andrea Iervolino, CEO and co-founder of Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment and Iervolino Studios.

The superhero crew of Puffins Impossible
The superhero crew of Puffins Impossible

‘Puffins Impossible’ was created by Iervolino Studios (IES), creative animation studio in Serbia, owned by Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monica Bacardi, co-founders of the global film and television production company Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment (ILBE) based in Italy, and produced by Archangel Digital Studios from Serbia.


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