April 2022

Performance in Drawn Animation – Workshop at IES

Mauriziana Gualdrini, a brilliant and energetic artist from Paris, was our guest lecturer.

Mauriziana Gualdrini, a brilliant and energetic artist from Paris was our guest lecturer! She came to deliver an interactive and memorable workshop on ’Performance in Drawn Animation’ at our studios in Novi Sad & Belgrade to our storyboard artists and illustrators! The workshop lasted for four days, from March 29 to April 1, 2022, and Mauriziana did an outstanding job as a lecturer, exceeding our colleagues’ expectations.

Performance in Drawn Animation

During these exciting four days, our colleagues from Belgrade and Novi Sad followed the workshop both live and online. Mauriziana’s workshop was filled with a variety of topics: tools and techniques in storyboard and animation, camera movement, storytelling, character performance and appeal, and much more.

It was primarily intended for our storyboard artists and illustrators, but everyone at IES was welcome to join the workshop via zoom, as is always the case when we’re learning together.

The topics and skills that Mauriziana went through in this workshop were highly useful and beneficial for our whole studio. As our colleagues emphasized when we asked them about their impressions and thoughts about the workshop, they got to learn about many incredibly important topics and details. Character acting and performance, visual storytelling, subtlety in storyboard and animatic creation are all integral elements of animation. By improving our knowledge in these aspects, we make sure that our content reaches the highest quality and that our audiences truly relate to our characters and stories.

This workshop was not just a platform for us to upgrade our skills, but a chance to meet an incredible person and appreciate a fresh approach, a unique style and method in animation that unlocks new possibilities.

Mauriziana’s engaging workshop proved just how much can be done and achieved if you love what you do. She encouraged our team members to always cherish and stimulate their imagination, inspiration and energy, because that’s how we keep animation alive.

First impressions of Serbia and IES

We asked Mauriziana about her impressions of Serbia during this short visit. She said, “After four days here in Serbia, my impressions of Belgrade and Novi Sad are that it`s a very vibrant reality. Everybody is super nice and very polite. I would like to come back actually, especially because of the people in Iervolino Studios.”

Internal educations, workshops, seminars and classes – these are all key elements of our culture and represent some of our core values. We learn as a team; we help each other to reach new heights and meet wonderful people along the way.

Finally, we asked our wonderful guest about our studio. She said, “the energy in the studio is amazing! I am having a great time and I am hoping to come back for more!” Sometimes, as Mauriziana taught us, the smallest details give life and new meaning to a scene or character in animation. Just like in real life.

Who is Mauriziana Gualdrini?

Mauriziana is an Italian storyboard artist, who graduated in 2016 from the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in Florence in Animation and completed her Master studies in Arts – Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking at the Gobelins l’école de l’image in Paris. For over five years now she has been working and creating in Paris, as an experienced artist in storyboard, 3D animation, 2D animation, character animation, illustration, Props-FX design, for TV serials and other projects.

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