April 2022

IES to Participate as Official Partner at Adria Summit 2022

Iervolino Studios to participate in the first edition of the Adria Summit event in Istria, Croatia.

Iervolino Studios participates in the first edition of the Adria Summit, which will be held from 5th to 8th May 2022, at the exclusive five-star Kempinski Hotel Adriatic in Istria, Croatia.

The Adria Summit event is the first of its kind in the region, with the Future of Digital Commerce as its main theme. A change in pace in our everyday lives is evident. Triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and global uncertainty, we have witnessed rapid developments, not only in the advanced technology that is being used, but also in customer behavior and demands. The way we choose, buy and receive goods and services has changed, impacting the growth of eCommerce on a global scale and forcing companies in the regional markets to adapt.

Adria Summit focuses on all these things and navigates through the different variables and points which will effectively direct businesses to operate in a certain way. Some of the topics that will be discussed throughout the Summit are technology, customer experiences, finances, consumer behavior and spending patterns, and many other important elements.



We are living in an era where consumers want to be entertained anytime, anywhere. The entertainment industry has experienced a huge shift towards instant access to content in smaller and more concise delivery methods. The future is short content available here and now.



According to viewership consumption statistics, media consumption has shown a tremendous increase and seen a significant jump from traditional to new digital media.

The Short-Form Video market has witnessed growth from millions to billions of US dollars, from 2017 to 2022, and video advertising has changed more in the past five years than in the 20 years before, according to the recent research about rising of on-demand content. The rise of digital media players such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play which became the main entertainment hub, shows us that consumers crave small, digestible snippets that they can consume easily in their busy schedules. The result is consumers watch more content, and choose short over long ones, while more media channels prolong the life of the content.

The film and animation industry no longer look at the digital market and environment as a future possibility but as the standard of production and distribution.


Andrea Iervolino, co-founder of our studio and our studio’s parent company, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, has anticipated these drastic changes and incorporated his ideas into the way he does business. Instead of looking at them as obstacles, he turned them into a massive opportunity, which is one of the reasons he decided to open our studio.

From launching a viewer reward-based streaming platform, to the first outer-space event broadcasting, Andrea Iervolino has always been ahead of his time. Now, he is on the leading edge of new frontiers in entertainment. The internationally successful producer, entrepreneur, innovator and visionary produced his first digital movie already at the age of 17. Today, he is the founder of ILBE Group, the renowned film production company, TATATU, the first streaming platform that rewards its users with tokens and products, as well as SPACE 11, an innovative company that will broadcast entertaining video content from space.

Led by progressive and forward-thinking, at the onset of the pandemic and forced closures of cinemas, Andrea opened the large-scale animation studio in Serbia, Iervolino Studios, with offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad.


As he said during his last visit “We are building a huge creative team in Serbia, able to produce new concepts, stories and characters based on the existing intellectual property (IP), as well as develop our own innovative IP locally. The quality of the stories developed by the Serbian artists i simply amazing!”

Andrea will also address the audience at the event’s opening panel, “CEO eCommonomic outlook of the Adriatics”, and talk about the evolution of the entertainment industry, the importance of digital formats, short content as the future of the entertainment industry, the innovation and potential of local content for the international market, with focus on short content consumption among global audiences.




Trends indicate that audiences consume shorter content, but for longer periods or binges. Through the aforementioned companies, Andrea has become the best short-content producer in the world.


“My deep belief is that short content will become the number one product in the entertainment industry. User behavior around us, and through social media, confirm that today it is easier to commit people to 5-minute content. If they like it, they will keep on watching and may stay with it for up to 3 hours. We are led by this when producing video content. We do not compete. We take this innovative approach as a new normality, being an inspiration to other studios as well,” Andrea said.


Guests and participants at the Adria Summit 2022 will also see Andrea team up with Peter Nalli, Head of Animation & VFX at Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, for another IES panel “The Future of Entertainment”.

During the panel, “The Future of Entertainment”, Andrea Iervolino will explain how production, distribution, and access to entertaining content have been transformed and how we are progressively moving to short digital content produced for releases around the world. Peter Nalli, Head of Animation and VFX at ILBE, will illustrate how the demands for animated series have shifted to short content consumption and how Iervolino Studios designs, produces, and distributes the best animated short content on a global scale. He will also showcase what the process of creating animated content for major streaming platforms looks like, as well as the process of creating animated content adjusted for different needs and requirements of the client and consumer.



Adria Summit 2022 is intended for founders and managers of eCommerce start-ups, executives and top managers of retail, technology and logistics market leaders, partners and managers in Venture Funds and Private Equity players interested in investing in this sector and region. Adriatic Summit is an ideal platform for exchange of ideas and initiatives and a great opportunity to network and enjoy the magnificent nature of the Istria peninsula.

Stay up to date with the upcoming Adria Summit and register if you too want to be part of the first event of its kind in the Adriatic region: https://adriasummit.com/.

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