April 2022

3D Character Animation – Workshop at IES

Dragana Mandić delivered an amazing workshop on “3D Character Animation” at our studio.

Dragana Mandić, Lead Animator at the Steamroller Animation studio in the USA, was our guest lecturer last week. She delivered a two-day workshop on “3D Character Animation” on 16-17 April 2022, to animation enthusiasts, from students to senior professionals. The workshop was organized in the Internal Training Center at Iervolino Studios, in Novi Sad.


3D Character Animation Workshop

During this workshop, our colleagues, as well as external students and professionals, were introduced to 3D Character and creature animation. Dragana Mandić, the skilled and incredibly talented animator, taught the workshop participants about the animal skeletal system, its impact on animal movement, realistic and stylized face animation, tools and techniques in Autodesk Maya, and more. The workshop was intended for everyone interested in learning more about the topic at hand, regardless of their level of experience in animation.


Coming up…

This workshop served as an introduction to our next big thing inside the Internal Training Center: An 11-week “3D Character Animation” course, also delivered by the experienced lecturer, Dragana Mandić. The course will provide not only a great deal of knowledge and valuable insight, but also some fantastic opportunities for future professionals.

More updates about the course will follow soon!


Who is Dragana Mandić?


Dragana Mandić is a 3D animator with more than 8 years of experience in the film, TV and gaming industry. She has worked for MPC, Crater studio, Fullscream and BunkerVFX. Currently, she is the Lead Animator at the Steamroller Animation studio in Florida.

Netflix, Disney and Huawei are some of Dragana`s previous clients, while the games Horizon Forbidden West, Destruction AllStar, the films Cats (2019) and Cruella (2021), as well as numerous TV commercials are all part of her portfolio.

Watching Disney’s Pocahontas is something that always reignites and strengthens her love and passion for animation. In her free time, she likes to animate in her personal projects, while listening to the financial, business and marketing adventures of other creative people.

Her work is available on the following Vimeo and Instagram pages.

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