July 2023

Storyboard SOS Internal Lecture at ILBES

Milisav Banković and Teodor Ajduk discussed solutions to common animation and storyboard pitfalls.  

The end of June was marked with the final lecture of this year’s internal education series dedicated to storyboard at ILBES. 

Teodor Ajduk and Milisav Banković, Storyboard Supervisors, talked about practical examples and solutions to the most common pitfalls we encounter in animation and storyboarding.  

In the first part of the lecture, Milisav focused on working with the script and filters that should be applied when setting up a storyboard. He also emphasized the importance of mise-en-scène, which encompasses shot composition, the arrangement and movement of characters, props, and sets within a shot, as well as the effective use of symbols, camera movements, and shot length.

Teodor provided tips for correcting small challenges that are often repeated. He paid special attention to character movements and positions that are supposed to be clear and precise in order to reflect their mood, condition and action. Part of his agenda was dedicated to analyzing the episodes based on our 2D animatics and discussing what can be improved. 

"The lecture delivered by our two supervisors was highly informative and engaging. I personally intend to incorporate several of the valuable tips they shared withus", said Tamara Simić, 2D Storyboard Artist.  

The final and the most exciting part of the lecture was a presentation of relevant examples from early short animated films and series, and the importance of non-verbal communication. 


ILBES Storyboard Artists, as well as colleagues from other departments, found these points very important.  

“Teodor’s lecture helped me understand the storyboarding process and planning the episode in advance with all the small details which will make the animation even better. The videos he had shown were very fun and educational. Milisav’s focus was more on the camera and all important elements which help showing the information as well as the emotion – sometimes even better than words can do”, said Katarina Petrović, Assistant Animation Picture Editor.

We thank Teodor and Milisav for sharing great advice, and all the participants in Belgrade and Novi Sad for their active involvement in this and all previous internal lectures. We look forward to the next one.


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