July 2023

ILBE Studios Welcomes the Youngest Film Professionals

Participants of the 52nd Review of Film Creation of Children and Youth of Serbia visited our studio 

As part of the 52nd Review of Film Creation of Children and Youth of Serbia, 30 young filmmakers, together with their mentors and the Review organizers, paid a visit to ILBE Studios last Friday. 

Zoran Stefanović, the President of the Jury of the festival and the President of the Association of Playwrights of Serbia, Vladimir Anđelković, Review Director and the President of the Amateur Film Center of Serbia,  Rifat Ljajić, Predrag Vukosavljević, and Predrag Bačkonja, the mentors, accompanied the group of filmmakers - aged 11 to 19.  

Our guests were welcomed by Bojana Zorić, Head of Administration, Dragana Jovanović, HR Manager, and Ana Pavlović, Communications Coordinator, who gave them a tour of the studio.  

The Review participants had the opportunity to find out more about the studio, the IT infrastructure that supports the creation process, the Puffins Impossible series, the pipeline as well as to see how the creation process works in practice.  

They’ve spoken to the studio employees, asked questions, and tried out the specialized tools and programs for creating animated content. They showed the greatest interest in storyboard, motion graphics design, VFX, and post-production. They also asked us numerous questions about the voicing process in the animated series and about the series distribution. 


The final part of the visit was dedicated to the guests‘ own work – live-action films, documentaries, and animated shorts, which competed at the Review of Film Creation of Children and Youth of Serbia. Some of the 2D animated films made by the young animators were shown to Lead 2D Storyboard Artists and Storyboard Supervisors at ILBE Studios who provided very positive and encouraging comments and useful advice. 

Knowing that ILBE Studios creates for and is committed to the Young and Young at Heart, this visit was a mutual success! From its very beginning, the studio has been oriented towards strengthening the animation scene in Serbia and encouraging young artists to get educated and work in animation.  


The Review of Film Creation of Children and Youth of Serbia is a festival with a long tradition. It plays an important part in promoting and improving filmmaking at a very young age, and nurturing an analytical approach to film creation. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, The Film Center of Serbia, and the Yugoslav Cinematheque.  

The films which competed at this year’s festival are dedicated to themes that vary from childhood and youth to the fantastic and philosophical.  

For more information about the festival please visit https://www.filmskarevija.com/.  

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