May 2022

Iervolino Studios: A New & Exciting Opportunity

Students at the University of Arts in Belgrade were introduced to Iervolino Studios.

On Thursday, 19 May 2022, the University of Arts in Belgrade hosted a presentation on Iervolino Studios, the largest animation studio in the region, soon to celebrate its second birthday! Mirjana Nikolić, rector of the University of Arts, welcomed Peter Nalli, Head of Animation & VFX at ILBE and IES, Anđelka Janković, Head of Marketing and Communications at IES, and Nikola Purić, Production Director & Senior Animation Picture Editor at IES, and introduced them to 40 students from different departments.

Students of animation, game design, graphic design, film and television directing, sound recording and design were just some of the audience gathered to listen to our team.

They listened to the presentation and journey of IES as Peter Nalli, Anđelka Janković and Nikola Purić talked about animation, our work, our plans, and all the possibilities that our studio offers to the University of Arts students and other talented and passionate animation enthusiasts. They also talked about their roles at Iervolino Studios, our history, our training programs and courses within our Internal Training Center (ITC), the path to success in animation and what it means for them personally to be part of the IES community.


Peter Nalli introduced himself to the audience and shared numerous lessons and game-changing experiences which he has gathered throughout his prolific career.

“If you’re surrounded by people who are good at what they do, you only get better.”

As someone who has worked on over 20 international feature films, taught courses at the most prestigious colleges in Canada, and spearheaded the development of animation studios around the world, he encouraged his audience to work hard, be patient, and stay true to themselves. As he said, anything worth doing needs time.

“How do you succeed in this industry? By doing more of the stuff you love and less of the stuff you don’t.”


Anđelka Janković talked about our studio’s inception, our vision, culture, and the values that define us. A couple of years ago, many people would have thought it impossible to create an animation studio of this size in Serbia in the midst of the pandemic. This ‘mission impossible’, has resulted in a fantastic community of talented and passionate individuals, with an Internal Training Center (ITC), specialized training courses and workshops, internships and collaborations, and most notably, resulted in the first animated series to be created and produced in Serbia – “Puffins Impossible”. In less than two years, we have opened two studios in Belgrade and Novi Sad, our IES team has grown from 0 to 100, we have produced 54 episodes of Puffins Impossible with more to come.

“What are the superpowers of the IES team? Community. Equality. Diversity. Teamwork. Passion. Innovation. Support.”

From the fascinating story of our founders and our parent company, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, the development of our own IP, a pipeline of the highest order, to the expertise and top-notch technology available at our studio, and services in the field of 2d & 3d animation, CGI, Iervolino Studios keeps growing by the day.



Nikola Purić talked to the students about his perspective and the road he undertook to get to where he is today. Coming from a freelance background, he was astonished and excited by the differences he encountered at our studio.

“You know that feeling of excitement when you’re a kid, not knowing what game you’ll play tomorrow? At Iervolino Studios, I still get to be that kid.”

He introduced the students to the creative process behind the production of an animated movie or series at our studio, the differences between working on live-action and animation and elaborated on his IES role in the grand scheme of things.

“As a freelancer, you’re all alone. Here, at Iervolino Studios, if I have an idea, or need something to be done, I’ll just go into the next office and talk to my colleague about it. Suddenly, everything’s possible.”


Nikola talked about an incredibly important aspect in the animation industry, and the creative industry in general, that people tend to forget as they start focusing on their career. As kids, he said, we’d always be excited to find out what tomorrow will bring. This feeling of joy and excitement, and limitless possibilities, would make us happy because every day was different.

Being part of Iervolino Studios and working together with so many people, who come from different backgrounds, have their unique styles and ideas, all contributing to one team, has made him remember that feeling of wonder.

There’s always something new going on. We don’t just work on the technical side of things. We CREATE and TELL our own stories."


The reception of the presentation was truly inspiring. The students were engaged, interested in learning more, asking questions and staying on for additional interviews.

Lastly, here is one of the wonderful student feedbacks that our IES team received after their presentation:

“This was honestly one of the best present presentations I have ever been to. You have thoroughly presented what it is that you do at your studio and spread so much positivity! My friend Rajko Čučak (2d Storyboard Artist at IES) told me how cool you were, and now, I have seen it for myself!” (Meri Ivanovska Zorić).

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