May 2022

ITC Opens with First Course: “3D Character Animation”

The IES Internal Training Center opens with a course on 3D Character Animation.

Last Saturday, we gathered at our IES studio in Novi Sad to officially open our Internal Training Center (ITC) by kicking-off our 1st ITC course on “3D Character Animation” delivered by Dragana Mandić. The trainees participated in the course live in our studio in Novi Sad, and some of them joined via a zoom link.

1st ITC Course - 3D Character Animation

The course participants were welcomed and greeted by Peter Nalli, Head of Animation and VFX at ILBE. After he wished them good luck, they were addressed by Mileta Poštić, Storyboard Director and ITC Manager at Iervolino Studios, who emphasized the fact that we are all privileged to have such a course at our disposal, because something like this has never been organized in Serbia so far. Lastly, they were greeted by Anđelka Janković, Head of Marketing and Communications at Iervolino Studios, who talked about the importance of the course and the invaluable knowledge and input they would receive from Dragana in order to be ready to make progress and be free to work on what they truly love. She also told them about the fantastic opportunity that awaits some of the best trainees at the end of the course: a possibility for them to join our rock and roll team and continue their career at Iervolino Studios.

We have a total of 13 participants who will hang out, share ideas, acquire new knowledge, perfect their existing skills, and discover new superpowers in the next 3 months. These talented artists of all ages come from different backgrounds, with diverse experiences, different occupations and animation styles, who want to improve their existing knowledge, make strides in their careers, with all of them having something in common: the talent, passion and imagination for animation, the willingness to play a key role in the animation industry, and the desire to be part of an exciting and supportive community.

Among the participants are also Iervolino Studios employees. This course is a perfect opportunity for IES to invest in the education, growth and development of its people, in order to improve their knowledge and skills. After all, the growth and progress of individuals leads to the growth and development of the team and the studio itself.

In the course’s first lecture, participants introduced themselves to the rest of the trainees, talking about where they come from, where they work, how long they have been working in animation, and talking about the projects they will be working on during the three-month course.

To close out a highly successful and exciting first day of the ITC course “3D Character Animation”, together with the trainees, Dragana looked at their individual proposals for the course’s projects, helped them to organize and define their ideas so that their work would be interesting and efficient, and instructed them how to present their ideas as briefly and clearly as possible. Her feedback will help them to set up their projects in the best way possible, and make sure they get the most out of this course.

We can’t wait for the next lecture, and we look forward to witnessing the professional development of our future colleagues!

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