August 2020

Waiting for the Barbarians - Among 5 Most Watched Films in the USA

Iervolino Entertainment continues the trend of successful achievements and breaking records.

After opening the studio in Serbia for the production of short animated content for the international market distribution, as well as signing the contract with Johnny Depp, the production company Iervolino Entertainment continues the trend of successful achievements and breaking records.

Another collaboration between this famous Hollywood actor and the Italian production, the joint film Waiting for the Barbarians, reached the fifth place on the list of the most watched films in the US on the Apple TV platform, only three days since its global premiere.

The film is based on the famous novel of the same name, by the South African Nobel prize winner John Maxwell Coetzee, who also wrote the screenplay, while the Colombian Ciro Guerra was the director. Alongside Johnny Depp, the main roles are played by Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson.



“This is a really pleasant surprise for all of us, as Apple TV is one of the world’s most popular video streaming platforms,” ​​said Andrea Iervolino, director and founder of the production company Iervolino Entertainment. He adds that this only confirms the importance of digital platforms in today’s cinematography, after the previous success of their animated film Arctic Dogs, as the third most-watched film on Netflix in the US.

The plot takes place on the borders of an imaginary oriental empire, and focuses on the eternal question of the relationship between the natives and the conquerors, “advanced civilization” and “barbarians”. The controversial Colonel Joll (Johnny Depp) suddenly arrives in the seemingly peaceful border area of ​​the empire, under the leadership of an elderly Magistrate interpreted by Mark Rylance. By his brutality towards nearby natives, the Colonel provokes in the Magistrate suspicion and the spirit of rebellion against the regime to which he also belongs.

After its first premiere at last year’s Venice Film Festival, Waiting for the Barbarians is now available to the general public starting from August 7 on digital streaming platforms, while many critics and fans on social media have already declared it to be “Johnny Depp’s comeback film”.

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