September 2021

Iervolino Studios - An Ideal Example

Iervolino Studios is an ideal example and result of Italian and Serbian Cooperation.

The sixth edition of the Italian-Serbian Film Festival is currently ongoing at the Yugoslav Cinematheque. Apart from the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Serbia Carlo Lo Cascio, artistic director of the festival Gabriella Carlucci, then Marjan Vujović, director of the Museum of the Yugoslav Cinematheque and Roberto Cincotta, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade, our director of marketing and communications Anđelka Janković, as well as Miloš Biković, our strategic partner and founder of the production company Archangel Digital Studios also gave their speeches at the press conference on the occasion of the festival opening.   

As a company with Italian heritage and headquarters in Serbia, Iervolino Studios is an ideal example and result of the festival organizers’ efforts to bring closer these two countries, which have always been tightly connected in the field of culture and art. With two uniquely designed studios in Belgrade and Novi Sad, equiped with the latest innovative technologies, and more than hundred employees and external associates, Iervolino Studios celebrated its first birthday in Serbia a month ago.

“Although 2020 was difficult and uncertain in every possible sense, we marked a successful first year on our calendars. Apart from numerous international projects of our parent company, that our artists participated in, the biggest success of Iervolino Studios was creation of an animated series with superheroes, as well as feature films with animations and special effects, whose details will be revealed very soon“, said Anđelka Janković and invited all film lovers to see the movie Eddie & Sunny, produced by Iervolino Studios founder Andrea Iervolino, that will be shown at the Festival on September 21, at 20:30.

Our strategic partner Miloš Biković agreed that a lot has been achieved in the previous year, when it comes to the collaboration of Iervolino Studios and Archangel Digital Studios.  

“Creating 54 episodes of this long-awaited series is a huge success for local artists, because together we managed to start up and systematize the animated industry, and thus attract people from all over the world to come to Serbia and work on some new, future projects. I hope that there will be even more of them and that we will just continue to grow and create”, said Miloš Biković, on the occasion of the opening of the Italian-Serbian Film Festival in Belgrade.  

Of course, we do not plan to stop there, but to further expand our capacity and portfolio, and that is why we are constantly looking for some new talented people and we can’t wait to hear their story and become a part of it. In addition, Iervolino Studios plans to invest in the development of animation in Serbia through cooperation with the local and Italian academic community, and through the support of initiatives and projects in the field of animation and socially responsible business.

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