April 2021

Are You Ready for Zero Gravity MMA Fighting?

Andrea Iervolino presents MMA-ZERO G, a new format of martial arts tournaments in zero gravity.

After the announcement that Iervolino Entertainment (IE) is launching the revolutionary company Space 11 for the production of film, TV and web content, as well as music and sports events entirely filmed in space, IE founder and renowned producer Andrea Iervolino presented this company’s first project to the public – Galactic Combat. It is a new format of martial arts tournaments in zero gravity, called MMA-ZERO G. The series will follow MMA fighters for 12 months long competition, and the best among them will have the opportunity to be the first to ever fight outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

"The spectacle of combat in zero gravity will make an unforgettable viewing experience the viewers will not want to miss. This format aims to provide the audience eager to push the boundaries with something unique and unusual – and that is the essence of the entire project. Of course, we are fully committed to testing scientific technologies and methods, for maximum safety of all participants throughout the competition," said Andrea Iervolino, CEO and founder of Space 11, Ievolino Entertainment and Iervolino Studios.

A total of 40 fighters from all over the world will participate in this competition, train and learn to fight in the absence of gravity for a year, through programs and conditioning mirroring programs used during the training of astronauts. During that period, 32 participants will be eliminated, while only eight of them will get a chance to participate in the main MMA-ZERO G competition, whose vice president and promoter will be former MMA fighter John Lewis.

The dramatic final fight of the last two competitors remaining in the race for the title of the champion will take place in space – in a specially designed capsule inside a special rocket. The fight will last 90 minutes, which is the time it takes the spacecraft to orbit the Earth.

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