April 2021

Iervolino Entertainment Joins Elon Musk in Space

Andrea Iervolino announces the opening of a new revolutionary business unit – Space 11.

On the heels of space projects launched by Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk, Andrea Iervolino, CEO and founder of the international production company Iervolino Entertainment (IE) as well as Iervolino Studios for the production of animated content, announced the opening of a new business unit – Space 11. This revolutionary company aims to produce film, TV and web content, but also music and sports events, entirely filmed in space.

Space 11, a subsidiary of the IE Group and the first entity dedicated to the development of entertainment formats and events in zero gravity, was born from Andrea’s idea to move entertainment beyond the Earth’s borders, similar to companies designing accommodation and recreational facilities for outer space.

“Today, thinking of a project of this magnitude might seem too futuristic and impractical, but the technical progress is advancing at such a speed as to believe that everything is already possible in the medium term. Indeed, entrepreneurial minds like Elon Musk and actors like Tom Cruise are already exploring the territory and communication tools in space for single and other initiatives. I foresee that by the first half of 2023 we will already be able to realize the first live event,” said Andrea Iervolino.

In order to accomplish this revolutionary mission, Iervolino has already begun enlisting top collaborators, including the sector’s leading engineers, astrophysicists, astronomers and technicians, who will systematically study all the means and methods needed to create something so unimaginable and unique.

Furthermore, Space 11 has partnered with Elon Musk’s Space-X program and the Gall Hassin International Center for Astronomical Sciences in Sicily, whose former employees will be on the company’s Advisory Board. The first project will probably be a sports event, with the preparations beginning this summer.

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