June 2024

Four Years of Creating Great Stories for the Young and Young at Heart

Last year at ILBE Studios was marked by the first public presentations of our animated works.

From the last birthday of ILBE Studios to the present, we’ve had the opportunity participate in several important film festivals in Serbia and finally showcase our work to local audiences. Both ILBES artists and the audience were eager to finally meet!

After three years of dedicated work, and over a year of successful streaming on global platforms, the animated series “Puffins Impossible” was screened in Serbia in September last year at the first Novi Sad Film Festival.

Alongside watching nine episodes from the series, the audience had the chance to learn more about pioneering this 3D animated project in Serbia from the ILBES author team and the ADS team, who serves as series’ producers. The event attracted kids, parents, students, artists as well as employees and collaborators on the project. It was also followed by interesting questions about the animation process.

Novi Sad Film Festival also showcased a production from ILBES and Furuna Crafts: a 2D animated documentary “Prince of the Seas”, based on the memories of Prince Albert I, Monaco's greatest reformer and pioneer of oceanography. The screening was accompanied by a professional discussion about adapting this story into an animated documentary, which drew a lot of attention and generated many questions from the audience.

This year in March, “Prince of the Seas” also found its place at FEST, a renowned international film festival in Belgrade, and had two successful screenings as part of the FEST Anima program.

Both productions were supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

We are excited to showcase on the big screen, and as we continue to create more animated content in the future, we look forward to the next festivals and partnerships!

Thank you to our teams for doing an amazing job in the past four years and cheers to more!

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