June 2023

Meet ILBES people – Snežana Petrović, HR Assistant

We present Snežana Petrović, our dedicated and friendly HR Assistant.   

She started her career at ILBE Studios in 2021 as the Assistant Account, and a year after, she was promoted into HR Assistant. Everyone knows her as Sneža or Snaki, a multitasking and devoted HR and friend to all of us. Even though she is based in Novi Sad, she manages to be available to both Belgrade and Novi Sad teams for various HR matters. 

In her interview she talks about her career path, her professional aspirations, the role and the specifics of HR in the creative industry, and the way she sees the culture of our studio.  

Enjoy Snežana’s story. 

Q&A with Snežana Petrović 

What did your career path look like after finishing school and how did it lead you to ILBE Studios? 

S: After my graduation, I worked in several administrative positions. So, my formal education in social sciences and my work experience in administration found their meeting point right here at ILBE Studios. 

I had heard about the studio in the media, and shortly after, my friends were also talking about it. Since I grew up watching cartoons, I was always curious about how these little creatures come to life. Led by my intuition and desire, I knocked on the studio’s door. 

What were your thoughts when you first entered the studio? 

S: I had thought it would be so interesting to work here (laugh). I was pleasantly surprised with how relaxed and informal the relations among people who work in the creative industry were. Everyone feels at home. Everyone gets along well and understands each other. Our team is one big family which strives to achieve a unique goal. 

What was your first position at ILBE Studios and what is the current one? 

S: I started my career here as an Assistant Accountant and I used to manage documents. To be precise, I used to take care of databases and I also supported and coordinated administrative activities for directors and other team members. I was lucky to be recognized by my managers as an enthusiastic employee who is willing to progress in the HR field, so once the HR Assistant position opened up, I was selected to take it on, and I am still here (laugh). 

What falls under the scope of your activities at ILBE Studios? What does your workday look like? 

S: My day has to start with a cup of good Turkish coffee (laugh). I like to come to work very early and check and respond to my e-mails first. Then I look at the daily plan, and complete task by task. Of course, there are always some ad hoc activities, too. I always try my best to set clear priorities – however, they can also change quickly.  

As the HR Assistant, I oversee the recruitment and selection of candidates – this includes collecting and reviewing applications, keeping up with recruitment portals, recording candidate data, communicating with candidates, conducting interviews. Also, I take care of internal and external training records, manage various internal communications, and complete many other different tasks. 

For more than a year now, I have also handled the so called staff management activities related to employment arrangements, absences, vacations etc.


Which skills and knowledge are required for someone who works in HR? 

S: Since our employees are the heart and soul of the company, HR is supposed to serve as the meeting point for employee needs and company needs. The HR person should hold good communications skills and the ability to nurture healthy relations in the team. Also, it is important to be well-organized, self-disciplined, objective, and a fair person, capable of making prompt decisions. HR should keep up with the trends in their respective profession and be aware of the social and business environments, as well as the labor market. 

What differentiates HR processes in a creative studio from other companies? What are the specific aspects of HR in a young team that mainly consists of artistic profiles? 

S: The creative industry has its own specifics. It is constantly developing and requires a flexible HR approach, compared to other industries which can have more rigid processes. The major difference is the recruitment. As a studio which belongs to the creative industry, we seek talented people with specific competences which don’t necessarily have to be part of their formal education. Artists in our team have creativity, innovation, and passion for this industry in common. Our goal is to adjust their artistic aspirations to business needs

How would you describe the culture at our studio? 

S: Our studio is a creative place in which we nurture, develop, and support diversity and teamwork. Our people are gifted with various skills and experiences and are willing to share ideas and help each other grow. Open communication, development and commitment to common goal are the essence of our community. 

What are the greatest values and challenges of your job? 

S: The greatest value is working with a diverse group of people in different positions and on different levels of organization and being able to support their professional growth. 

I enjoy managing various tasks like organizing internal training and participating in the selection process.   

 The greatest challenge is to nurture good relationships and adapt to the needs of all levels of organization. 


What is your favorite animated movie?  

 S: Isn’t it obvious? – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (laugh). Among the newer productions, I really loved “Encanto”. A movie that I watched without blinking is “WALL-E”.    

   Which Puffins Impossible character are you?  

 S: I think that Didi and I are very similar. We are both strong and determined, we enjoy having fun, and sometimes we can be clumsy. We are careful, and we are always there for our friends.  

  What superpower would you like to have and why?   

 S: I wish I had the ability to teleport and explore the world whenever I desired.   



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