June 2023

ILBE Studios celebrates its 3rd birthday!

Three successful years of strengthening the animation scene in Serbia. 

Thanks to the talent, imagination, and passion of the team of about 150 creatives and artists, for three years in a row, ILBE Studios has been successfully creating outstanding animated content for the worldwide audience.  

Since last year, the animated series “Puffins Impossible” created by ILBES and produced by ADS (Archangel Digital Studios) has been reaching millions of young viewers and their families every day.  

Thanks to the modern technology and the latest production standards introduced by the parent company ILBE (Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment from Italy), the local artists at ILBE Studios develop amazing animated stories which get more appealing and more fun with every new season.  

While providing the outstanding professional opportunities, ILBE Studios also plays an important role in strengthening the creative industries in Serbia as well as the local animation scene. 


Renaissance of the local animation industry  

Acording to the research conducted by the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, creative industries sector in Serbia has been recording continuous growth for years now, and has proven to be extrimely flexible and resistent to crisis situations on the global and local market. More than 150 thousand job positions belong to this sector, making the 7% percent of the total number of the employees in Serbia. Among them, even 45% are highly educated, and 60% are young people between the ages of 25 and 45.  

The research also showed that this sector is particularly "strong" when it comes to the export of products labeled Made in Serbia - since 2016, it has increased by 81%, which is a share of 2,5% in the total export of Serbia.  

One such "product" was created in ILBE Studios - animated series "Puffins Impossible", which is currently available on streaming platforms in 160 countries around the world. So far, a total of 5 seasons and 90 episodes of the series have been completed, and positive reactions, mostly from the youngest, are coming from all over the world.  

Together with partners from Archangel Digital Studios, who did the production part of this series, local creatives and artists are constantly creating new episodes, which gives them a unique opportunity to work in their country and not look for better opportunities abroad.  

According to them, the strength of the animation scene in our region is first of all based on a strong narrative and visual culture, which were established in previous decades through comic art, as well as children's literature. When you add to that a standardized work system modeled according to international studios, as well as the latest technology, you get a space for creating unique animated stories which cover universal themes, for young audiences around the world. 

New opportunities for work in animation are giving joy to those artists and creatives who remember the "golden age" of animation in ex-Yugoslavia, but also some not so bright times, during the crisis of the 90s, when the development of art in our country was suddenly interropted. 

"We are witnessing the new development of the animation scene in the region, which we remember from the eighties for the great studios, schools, artists and works created for an international audience - from animated films and series to advertising forms. Thanks to our studio, local creators once again have the opportunity to engage in entertaining visual storytelling, while using modern resources and production tools. Animation connects different film, art, drama, technical and animation disciplines, providing an opportunity for work and professional acomplishment to artists of various profiles. Young people are developing themselves in extremely important segments of artistic production that were not available here", said Mileta Poštić, Storyboard Director Internal Training Center Manager at ILBE Studios

That animation in our country is experiencing a kind of "renaissance" is also confirmed by the education sector and the gradual opening of new courses and departments at faculties and high schools. Among them is the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Since last year it has a study program called Visual Effects, Animation and Game Art, where students are trained to work in the field of animation, visual effects, video games and interactive media. 



Today is the day to celebrate! ILBE Studios is truly thankful to its amazing people for three years of growth, passion and commitment to everyday work, and for making this dream come true. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!  

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