May 2023

Survival Strategies in Storyboarding – Lecture at ILBES

Milisav Banković discussed important focus activities involved in creating a storyboard. 

Since the beginning of this year, storyboard artists at ILBE Studios (ILBES) have delivered several important internal lectures related to different aspects of working with storyboards. These lectures covered topics such as analyzing and translating the script into a 2D animatic, understanding and reflecting the narrative, using specialized software, and showcasing the acting of the characters.  

During the most recent successful internal lecture, MilisavBanković, Storyboard Supervisor at ILBES, used this opportunity to recap some important guidelines mentioned in the previous internal lectures, while providing additional advice which can help storyboard artists to set priorities, structure their work, and arrange timelines.   

ILBES storyboard artists, as well as other employees interested in this topic, had the opportunity to learn more about the strategy of creating a storyboard, starting from the concept or sketch and leading up to the final 2D animatic. 

Who is the main character, and what is their motivation? What is the plot, and what is the sideline theme? What is the problem, what is the solution, and when is the right timing in the episode to reveal it? These questions were addressed as some of the essential starting points for storyboard creation. The attendees of the highly dynamic and interactive sessions in our studio in Belgrade and Novi Sad also had the opportunity to reference their existing work and discuss potential improvements. 

Milisav pointed out that each animatic must be clear to everyone involved in future work on the animated episode, and shared useful tools and tips for achieving this goal. 

Part of the lecture was also dedicated to camera movements, a very important aspect of the creation of the animated content. 

It is always nice to do the retrospection of our work, so that we can remember all those things we started to neglect. Also, there is always something to add to what we already know. The lecture was very concise and understandable to people who don’t work in this field. This only confirms Milisav’s ability to present things very clearly”, said Ivona Stankovic Perić, 2D Storyboard Artist Junior. 

Milisav familiarized all his storyboard colleagues with the strategic approach to their work, emphasizing aspects to focus on and things to avoid. This comprehensive presentation simultaneously offered colleagues from other departments valuable insights into the essential aspects of the storyboard process in relation to scriptwriting, animation, editing, and other production components. 

Milisav’s lecture helped me understand how my colleagues effectively tackle challenges in the storyboard creation process, and it allowed me to see my scripts through their eyes to some extent. Actually, to be honest, I found it so interesting that in the past few days, I dared to take paper and pencil and try my hand at sketching storyboards myself. I'm not skilled in drawing, but one thing is certain: thanks to the guidelines received in this lecture, even an absolute beginner like me can enjoy the process,” said Kristina Bojanić, Scriptwriter at ILBES. 

We would like to express our gratitude to Milisav, as well as all the participants in Belgrade and Novi Sad, for making this lecture incredibly insightful and productive. 

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