December 2020

Animated Series “Puffins” - Most Watched Title on Apple TV

"Puffins" reaches first place in viewership, only one week after its release on Apple TV.

The short animated series "Puffins", produced by Iervolino Entertainment and in whose creation participated also the employees from the local Iervolino Studios, has reached the first place in viewership, only one week after its release on Apple TV.

"I'm extremely glad to see that our ideas and creative approach to important social matters, such as race and gender equality, as well as environment protection, have encountered great reception among viewers. I believe that even such complex issues can be made attractive to the youngest audience, as raising awareness about hot topics is exactly our goal, apart from offering good-quality entertainment", said Andrea Iervolino, the director and owner of the production company Iervolino Entertainment, which started doing business in Serbia this year.

The animated series "Puffins" follows adventures of five Arctic birds, helpers of the cunning walrus named Otto, while the main role was entrusted to Johnny Depp, whose voice, looks and certain personality traits helped creating the character of Johnny Puff. The series deals with the topics of equality and ecology in a fun and avant-garde manner, in order to draw the public attention to the current challenges our planet is facing every day.

This series of 250 five-minute episodes represents a spin-off of the animated film "Arctic Dogs", which also won the hearts of viewers all over the world and especially in the USA, where it is ranked as the third most watched title on Netflix. "Puffins" are available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime digital platforms.


Watch the official trailer for "Puffins"


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