March 2023

Storyboard (Like A) Pro – Internal Lecture at ILBES

Another fantastic internal lecture was held at ILBE Studios: Storyboard (Like A) Pro by Miloš Živkov. 

Miloš Živkov, Lead 2d Storyboard Artistat ILBE Studios, delivered an engaging and comprehensive lecture about the Toon Boom Storyboard Pro program to his fellow storyboard artists and other interested ILBES colleagues at our studio. We extend our gratitude to Miloš and all participants who contributed to the success of our third #LearnwithILBES lecture in 2023 and made it so interactive, dynamic, and fun! 

Storyboard (Like A) Pro 

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is an all-in-one storyboard softwarewhich combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animatic creation capabilities and sound.Miloš Živkov, Lead 2d Storyboard Artist at ILBE Studios and lecturer, explained his thought process and motivation behind this lecture 

The most important thing for me to do throughout this lecture was to convey a slightly more precise understanding of certain options in the Toon Boom Storyboard Pro program to my colleagues, primarily the 3D options and some interesting camera options. 

This was Miloš’s second internal education lecture at ILBE Studios where he played the role of lecturer, and we asked him what he thought was the greatest value of our #LearnwithILBES program: 

These internal educations are great because they allow us to share knowledge related to our various professions, both to people who are familiar with these topics and to colleagues for whom all of this is potentially new.  

Learning and Improving As a Team 

By attending these lectures, which also tend to include creative workshops and discussions, artists and creatives at our studioare learning new things in an equitable and relaxed environment, surrounded by technology and material they can instantly work on, and people with whom they can collaborate and make progress.Nikola Milovanović, 3d Generalist, shared his thoughts on the Storyboard (Like a) Pro lecture: 

“Today's lecture was especially useful for me because it was very concise. Despite the fact that it was primarily intended for storyboarders, what Miloš taught us is also in close connection with what I do, which is 3D. I think this was a very useful lecture because it changes our mindset to better understand our colleagues’ work in the studio, and thus work better together, so that each of us can be more efficient in our respective jobs.” 

As Ilija Ivković, 2d Storyboard Artist at ILBES said, “Miloš taught us some really useful tips and tricks, and shortcuts equipping us to approach problem-solving in the Toon Boom Storyboard Pro program in a better, easier and more efficient way.Rajko Čučak, who is also a 2d Storyboard Artist at our studio, emphasized the importance of all the camera tricks available in Storyboard Pro he was introduced to through this lecture. 

 Recognizing the Virtues of our Colleagues 

Thanks to the incredible people in our #ILBES team, our internal lectures are always interactive, intriguing, and above all, interactive, as everyone is welcome to join in, learn new things, and contribute in their own way. Vukolaj Žakula, Motion Graphic Designer at ILBES, said it best: 

“Lectures of this type are necessary for the alignment and stylistic unification of our team, so that we all work and function as one. At the same time, we should recognize the virtues of our colleagues and share with them our own ideas, thoughts and expertise. Even though we operate in different departments and positions, there are elements of the workflow which overlap, which we can apply in a similar or different form in our own work – so sometimes even a minor thing can become something major once you master it.” 

As always, we are grateful to everyone who participated in this amazing lecture and can’t wait for the next one! 

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