October 2020

The "Arctic Friends" Animated Series - #1 on Apple TV

Arctic Friends reaches #1 as the most watched title on Apple TV in the Kids & Family category.

A little over a month ago, the production company Iervolino Entertainment opened its first studio in Serbia for the production of short animated content in Novi Sad. Today, the short animated series Arctic Friends, with the signature of this company continued the glory of its predecessor Arctic Justice, reached the first place of the most watched children and family films on Apple TV, as well as the second place in the general classification of films on the same platform in Italy, where the series recently premiered.

The story follows the polar fox Swifty, who finally got her dream job – she will deliver packages around the North Pole, together with her inseparable friends, a polar bear named PB and the red fox Jade. The only obstacle on the way to the title of “Best Arctic Delivery Man” is represented by the cunning walrus Otto von Walrus and his mischievous assistants – Puffins, who make the work of these unusual couriers more difficult every day…

The first 30 employees have already started working in the Novi Sad studio, while the evaluation and employment of new staff is still ongoing, as well as the plans to open the next studio in Belgrade. This project is also specific because all phases of the creative process will take place here, and the finished product will be the intellectual property of the state of Serbia. In the initial phase, all content produced in our country will be based on the world-famous animated film Arctic Justice, which was the third most watched film on Netflix in America.

Arctic Friends
Arctic Friends

The production of this short animated series is signed by Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monica Bacardi, and in cooperation with the companies Paradox Studios and WWPS, which also own digital rights to distribute content.

“I am very proud of this collaboration and the success we have achieved on digital platforms. Our studio is currently focused on the development and production of exceptional short content, adapted to mobile and streaming services. Moreover, I am convinced that in the next ten years, as much as 98% of all content will be short-format and consumed on mobile devices”, said Andrea Iervolino, director and founder of the production company Iervolino Entertainment. His satisfaction is shared by Luca Matrundola, co-founder and CEO of WWPS, who pointed out that they will work together to ensure that future products experience the same success.

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