October 2021

Gala Event - Promoting Puffins Impossible & 1 Year of IES

A gala conference was organized in Belgrade to promote Puffins Impossible with Johnny Depp.

Andrea Iervolino, CEO and founder, and Lady Monica Bacardi, honorary president of Iervolino Studios and Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, together with Miloš Biković, founder of Archangel Digital Studios, joined Johnny Depp at the gala conference to celebrate the end of production on season one of their first series in the presence of numerous media, excellencies, official guests and friends from the world of film, creative industries, arts and social scene. Prime Minister Ana Brnabić addressed the media and the guests.


“I had this great fortune to be introduced to Serbian culture and people a long time ago now and ever since, life has brought me back to this wonderful place. I was instantly amazed by the charm, warmth, beauty and professionalism of local people and from what I’ve seen so far regarding the Puffins Impossible series, I have no doubt that many more directors, actors, animators and other creatives will come here and join this project. Serbia is the perfect opposite of Hollywood“, said Johnny Depp in his speech. 


So far, the creators of the project have developed a total of 54 episodes of the „Puffins Impossible“ series and Iervolino Studios announced investments in the production of 80 new episodes in 2022, with the desire for that number to reach even 100.

“During the last fifteen months, we have achieved an amazing result that I must admit I was sceptical about at first. However, to my biggest pleasure, our creative team in Serbia has surpassed all my expectations – and more. Until now, we have reached a number of more than 100 employees and I strongly believe that in the next 4-5 years we will achieve our goal of 560 people in the IES studio. Apart from „just“ hiring, we are also working on educating those people and that is why we started an internal training program lasting for four months, after which they get the job. Since 8 out of 10 trainees got hired, I think we are doing an amazing job“ , said Andrea Iervolino, CEO and co-founder of Iervolino Studios and Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, who also announced that he is happy to announce that he got a Serbian passport.



Since June 2020, Iervolino Studios has invested 25 million euros in the production of animated content and the development of two production studios in Belgrade and Novi Sad, followed by a special production pipeline.

“Today’s business models require flexibility regardless of the product being created. Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment therefore designed a unique model for the production of animated content and it was used when working on the Puffins Impossible series. It is a process that allows to create in Serbia as efficiently as in the rest of the world. I believe that with this production model, the animation industry in Serbia will soon stand side by side with Hollywood“said Lady Monika Bacardi, honorary president of Iervolino Studios and Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment.

Iervolino Studios started working in Serbia only a year ago, thanks to the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and strategic cooperation with the production company Archangel Digital Studios, founded by Miloš Biković. He emphasized the fact that joint projects mean a lot for the entire creative industry of Serbia.

“With the arrival of Iervolino Studios, our animation industry gained know-how in the range of those used by Disney and Pixar. By working together, we strive to create an environment in which animation becomes a competitive production activity and jobs in the animation sector in Serbia sought after local, but also foreign artists. I thank the country of Serbia for its support and I’m looking forward to future projects”said Miloš Biković, owner and founder of Archangel Digital Studios.


In addition to presenting the teaser poster, trailer and inserts from the episodes the Wonder Strings quartet played music from the series Puffins Impossible, composed by Nemanja Mosurovic.

Puffins Impossible is an animated series that follows the adventures of five Arctic birds – Johnny Puff, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac. With the help and guidance of mentor Johnny Puff, the four birds are transformed into a unique team of superheroes, who, despite mutual disagreements and discussions, leave all differences aside in times of trouble and help their furry colleagues together. The series deals with the topics of equality and ecology in a fun and avant-garde way, in the desire to draw the public’s attention to the current challenges that our planet faces every day.

More to come about the first year of the studio whose focus is to create great stories that will change the animation landscape in Serbia.

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