Our parent company, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, has always had the mission of European expansion in their mind, in the field of animation. Now, with our studio here in Serbia, we present a viable and promising epicenter of this expansion.

By combining talent, imagination and passion with a state-of-the-art technology, ILBE Studios creates high-quality innovative content for global audiences. This content will be available on all screens, including shorts, web series, interactive media, movies. Our projects are born in imagination, shaped into stories, and crafted by passionate Serbian artists who give life to unforgettable characters with the aim of entertaining the young and those young at heart – putting Serbia on the map of the global animation industry.

The intensive cooperation which is growing between our local team in Serbia and our colleagues in Italy will ensure a new professional growth phase within the ILBE family and guarantee great projects developed for the international market. As Andrea Iervolino, co-founder of our studio, said, while we are expanding our business and portfolio, our mission remains the same: doing great projects in Serbia and delivering them to audiences around the world.


We strive to become the largest international animation studio in Europe, while constantly delivering exceptional content for worldwide audiences and clients through various platforms, to different cultures, generations and countries around the globe.

Trends change fast. Expectations and standards in the digital world in which we live in demand a fresh approach. For ILBE Studios, this is not an obstacle, but an opportunity. The research, the imagination and experience we possess, lead us to create a new vision for the future of cinema. The future in which short content prevails.


One of our many goals is to become the best employer in Serbia and the region, employing not only excellent artists but excellent people.

We aim to use the full potential of the studio we built, by creating great stories and strengthening the animation culture in Serbia, so that local talents can have the opportunity to do what they love here, without having to leave and look for “better” opportunities abroad.

Our long-term goal is to help facilitate an animation culture within Serbia. We believe that local up-and-coming artists should have strong examples of fellow Serbs who are successful in their field. That is why, while we don’t reject anyone who fits into our world, we would like to welcome as many talented artists and technicians from Serbia.

We remain a studio that develops animated stories from scratch. From ideation to realization. That means, from script to screen, every step of the creative process behind an animated series or movie is covered within Serbian borders.


Our values are our superpowers. And our greatest superpower is our team. We nurture a people-oriented culture, where we are governed by love, passion, imagination and talent, and not by rules. It is the only way for us to tell our stories from the bottom of our hearts to the young and those young at heart.

At the heart of ILBE Studios is the desire to tell great stories, using gags to entertain and educate audiences and to introduce important social themes, such as equity, equality, and environmental protection.

We want to grow as a team, reach new heights, overcome any challenges that might come our way and show to the world what ILBE Studios is all about.

"I think the greatest value at ILBE Studios is that most people approach it like a community and not like a company. A company is governed by rules, and community is governed by love. I think that generally the people here have the best interest of the other person they're working with. So, when they're working with someone they're not thinking – how do I get this job done? They're saying – how do WE get this job done? I think what I've seen here, that is different than a lot of other places I've worked at, is that a person working besides you really wants to help you do your job well, because I think the success of one person is really the success of the company. So, I think this value is the one that's paramount, or the one that I hold with the highest esteem; and it's the one that really keeps me excited about working here." said Peter Nalli, Head of Animation and VFX at ILBE Group.


Following our international heritage, we create content based on the business model used by the main Hollywood Majors. This includes unique storytelling, brilliant talents in animation, and a pipeline of the highest quality, guaranteeing imaginative quality short animated content for worldwide audiences and clients.

We operate in-house as well as in remote environments, which allowed us to get ahead of the global challenges even before the pandemic hit. This working model led to a better approach and a smarter working strategy.

We support and invest in our employees through internal educations, through our Internal Training Center and work on challenging professional projects in order to push the boundaries of innovation and animation – fulfilling our maximum potential. With the growth of our employees, our studio grows too.

The work we do is something that we truly love and it also challenges us to be better with each day. Everything that we learn, create and distribute is aimed at not only entertaining our audiences, but also contributing to a better society. With the background that we have and the passion and knowledge at our disposal, we are bound to become the best studio in Serbia and Europe that delivers projects and content of the highest standards worldwide.

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